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Certified repair and custom system design center for Hetronic USA

Hetronic built its first radio remote control in 1982. Since that time, they have become a world leader in radio remote control systems with manufacturing and service facilities located in Germany, Italy, Philippines, USA, Canada, Korea, Japan, China, Australia and Chile.

Hetronic’s common goal is to provide high quality, safe, reliable and affordable radio remote controls to a variety of industries throughout the world. From the most basic on/off units to the most sophisticated ex-zone explosion endangered area radio remote controls, Hetronic has systems for every industry.

Kelly’s Directional, Inc. is the Hetronic distributor for the Pacific Northwest and beyond. We are a certified repair and custom system design center for Hetronic USA, featuring a large inventory of parts and radio repair turnaround time 24-36 hours on average.

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  • Increase safety
  • Increase productivity
  • Reduce labor costs
  • A variety of sytems for all industries
  • Custom system design for all environments
  • Ergonomical design for ease of use
  • Service available worldwide
  • Rapid repair turn-a-round time

Ex-Zone solutions

Ready Rugged Reliable

Kelly's Directional is ready to serve your EX Zone needs, providing radio equipment specifically designed for extreme environments and rigorous use. Call us today to find out how your company can improve its efficiency and safety using Hetronic products!

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ex-zone solutions

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