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Kelly’s Directional and Hetronic Remote Radio Control Systems

Question: Why radio control?
Answer: Increased safety, time savings, reduced operator fatigue, reduced down time.

Question: What sort of machines can be equipped with radio control?
Answer: Almost any machine that can run on an electro / mechanical link can be run with radio control.

Question: Can radio control systems interfere with other communication or control systems? <
Answer: No, Hetronic Radio Control systems are designed to operate reliably and safely without interfering with other radio controls or systems.

Question: How well do Hetronic Radio Controls stand up in harsh environments?
Answer: Hetronic Radio Controls perform extremely well in harsh environments. Hetronic systems are designed to withstand daily operation in the construction, chemical, mining, oil, and gas industries.

Question: Can Hetronic Radio Control Systems be operated in other countries?
Answer: Yes. Hetronic Radios can be configured to meet global frequency requirements and licensing.

Question: Can Hetronic Radio Controls be serviced?
Answer: Yes, Hetronic Radio Controls are serviceable. Kelly’s Directional is a certified repair center for Hetronic radios with average repair time of 24-36 hours. With 13 manufacturing facilities on 3 continents, and over 45 global sales and service partners, Hetronic customers enjoy the convenience of world wide service

Chassis Remote, Remote Vehicle Drive and Steering Systems

Question: How does the Remote Drive work?
Answer: The Final Drive from Chassis Remote is a unique patented device that delivers power directly to the drive train and the rear wheels of the vehicle to provide precise low speed control.

Question: Can the Chassis Remote Drive System be installed on a used truck or a truck with a vocational body already on it?
Answer: Yes, the remote drive system can be installed on serviceable used chassis. The reduced foot print allows for aftermarket installation on most frames and axle configurations.

Question: Can the Final Drive System be installed on a truck with an automatic transmission?
Answer: Yes, the system only needs a source of hydraulic power. The main transmission is in neutral during operation of the drive system.

Question: How do I control the Remote Drive system?
Answer: The remote drive system is a hydraulic system. It can be controlled by manual valves, joystick, pendant control or radio control.

Question: How does the radio control option enhance operation?
Answer: The radio control system provides increased operator safety, more precise control of the vehicle and reduced time getting the vehicle located on site. Operator mobility, not being tied to a pendant or hard mounted control, is increased allowing the operator to place the machine correctly and consistently the first time.

Question: Can I steer the truck with the Final Drive System?
Answer: Yes, the Final Drive uses a patented, proportional system to steer the vehicle in the remote drive mode.

Question: Can I control the engine rpm level?
Answer: Yes, engine rpm, in addition to other process controls, can be adjusted via radio remote control, joystick or pendant controller.

Question: How do I control the vehicle braking system?
Answer: The Final Drive utilizes a patented dampening-auto brake system, in addition to a redundant hydraulic brake. The Final Drive incorporates safety features that monitor system status to ensure safe operation.

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