Ultra Stone Slinger

Distributor of the W.K. Dahms MFG. Ultra Stone Slinger

The Ultra Stone Slinger puts dirt, mulch, topsoil, screening, aggregates and sand precisely where you need it. With a 220 degree working pivot radius and an increased angulation of 23 degrees above and below the horizontal, the Ultra Stone Slinger conveyor accurately places material up to 100 feet from the end of the truck, eliminating material, handling, reducing construction time and improving your bottom line.

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Ultra Stone Slinger

Features Include:

Live Bottom Conveyor

Our 30” live bottom conveyor eliminates gates, beams and the issues associated with them. Powered by a robust planetary drive and optional 2 speed motor, the live bottom system off-loads smoothly to the conveyor belt.


The Super-Shield™ Power Drive matches the conveyor belt speed to improve control of material on the belt and allow precise delivery, even to those difficult to reach areas up to 90 ft. away. Kelly’s Directional is  distributor and can supply new shields as well as repair parts.


With a 220º working pivot radius and an increased angulation of 23º above and below the horizontal, operators have complete control for precise placement up to 90 ft.

Remote Operation

Combining radio controls with our remote drive & steering system allows Stone Slinger™ operators to re-position the truck by remote control while they operate the conveyor speed and direction.

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