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Industrial Radio Control Systems & Mobile Hydraulics

Kelly’s Directional, Inc. is a leader in providing machine control and mobility systems not found as “off the shelf, one size fits all” systems. We design and build mobile hydraulic systems with integrated D.C. PLC or Radio controls to accomplish our clients’ goals in machine performance and function.

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Our Services Include:

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Radio Control Systems

Kelly’s Directional, Inc. provides custom radio control systems for a wide variety of industry and technical uses. Industrial radio controls allow for increased workplace safety, increase productivity and reduce labor costs. Click here for more information on how custom radio control systems can help your company achieve its goals!

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Mobile Hydraulics and Custom Development

We specialize in custom mobile hydraulics for a variety of practical industrial applications. Visit our section on The Final Drive steering system to see how a single operator can remotely control the functions of a heavy vehicle or piece of equipment with a radio control system provided by Kelly’s Directional.

Each of these solutions is capable of operating via remote control using an integrated radio control system provided by Kelly's Directional, Inc.

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